Monday, July 4, 2011

Vegetarian Eggs Benedict? Yes, please!

Eggs Benedict has long been one of my favorite dishes, and while normally I prefer it with Canadian bacon, I also like to take a break from meats once in a while. This tasty variation is a definite favorite of mine.

Vegetarian Eggs Benedict (serves 1-2)
  • Toast an English muffin
  • Place a slice of tomato on each half 
  • (I added some sliced avocado as well since I had one and love avocado)
  • Top with poached egg: I used duck eggs from Rocky Plains Meat in Dacono.
  • Pour Hollandaise sauce over each half
  • I topped mine with fresh cracked pepper

Serve while hot and enjoy!


  1. Hi there, just a little note, for myself eggs is not vegetarian. :o)

  2. To the previous comment, yes eggs are vegetarian, they are not vegan.

  3. To the gut that posted on July 5th,2011- Why were you even bothering looking at EGGS Benedict if you don't eat eggs?

  4. Eggs are not vegetarian although some vegetarians choose to eat them. To Anonymous 05/19, the title of the article is "Vegetarian Eggs Benedict? Yes, please" which leads me, a non egg eater, to believe the recipe did not use eggs.

    1. If it didn't contain eggs, it would be called "Vegan Eggs Benedict"